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The Diagnosis of Melanoma

Dermatologists agree that full-body skin examinations, with use of a dermatoscope to examine specific lesions, are the best way to identify potential melanomas, which can then be biopsied for a definitive diagnosis. There is interest – but not much real excitement about or demand for – new technologies that help avoid the need for a biopsy, particularly, digital photography; digital apps; confocal microscopy; SciBase’s Nevisense, an electrical impedance spectroscopy device; Orlucent’s fluorescent biotag device; Canfield Scientific’s Vectra; and DermTech’s PLA and PLAplus genomic assays – with more technology on the way.

American Academy of Dermatology VMX: Psoriasis Update

There was a wealth of new data at the AAD VMX meeting, particularly on psoriasis drugs – one that is approved and 5 that are still investigational. Each of those investigational drugs is from a different company and has a different mode of action – a PDE4 inhibitor, an anti-IL-36, a TYK2 inhibitor, an AhR modulator, and an anti-IL-17A/F.

ACIP Update

After a review, CDC’s ACIP agreed with the FDA that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is appropriate for adolescents. The panel also reiterated its belief in the safety of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, despite blood clots that are not seen with the mRNA vaccines, and reviewed the status of variants.

ACIP tells FDA/CDC: Continue the Pause on the J&J Covid-19 Vaccine

One day after the CDC and the FDA recommended a voluntary “pause” in the use of Johnson & Johnson/Janssen’s Ad26.COV2.S (JNJ-78436735), a Covid-19 vaccine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) met and said it needs more data, additional risk refinement, and a benefit:risk assessment before it can make a decision on what should be done ab out the vaccine. That meeting is now scheduled for April 23, 2021.

Use of J&J's Covid-19 Vaccine "Paused"

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA recommended a “pause” in the use of Johnson & Johnson/Janssen’s Covid-19 vaccine, Ad26.COV2.S (JNJ-78436735), after six reported cases in the U.S. of a “severe stroke-like illness” linked to a rare type of blood clot. One patient died. Here is what you need to know.

ENDO 2021

Rare endocrine diseases, often manifesting in childhood or even infancy – but even extending into adulthood for some conditions – are getting attention from researchers who are developing targeted therapies in hopes of correcting or reversing the endocrine abnormalities created by congenital or inherited genetic conditions. At the virtual 2021 meeting of the Endocrine Society, researchers reported on ongoing treatments that could make big differences in the lives of these patients, including new agents for hypoparathyroidism, obesity, growth hormone deficiency, achondroplasia, and acromegaly.